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Sendik’s Food Market Corporate

Madisen Maher Architects (MMA) congratulates Sendik’s Food Market on the completion of their new 30,000-square-foot home offi ce at 7284 W. Marcia Road in Milwaukee. The directive was to take a program that functioned in a cramped one-story structure and relocate them into a 30,000-square-foot, two-level floor plan and create a cohesive, modern, sleek and efficient environment.

Sendik’s wanted a corporate office that would have two zones, one being a public area open to clients and vendors, and a private space that would house the various departments. With the limited number of windows that the structure provided, the concept of maximizing natural light was important in the layout of rooms. Partitioned spaces were positioned along the exterior walls and full glass entries were incorporated into the design so the natural light could spill into the interior. Low, modular furniture systems maintain the path of light and views. The overall color palette consisted of natural tones and materials to reinforce the refined design.

Key architectural plans included:

–          Glass-partitioned walls and polished concrete floors accented with rugs

–          Glass wall private offices on the perimeter of each department

–          Glass wall conference rooms in the center of the building

–          Open work space environments with bench systems facing large exterior windows

–          Private work rooms for one or two people having meetings or teleconferences

–          Light-filled two-story lobby with steel/glass/wood staircase to welcome guests

–          Nine department areas

–          Large training room for group discussions

–          Executive office area with family kitchen and seating

–          Employee lunch area with game room

–          Employee exercise room with showering facilities

–          Room for growth in all the departments

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Completion: 2016