Madisen Maher Architects

Lobby - other direction Board Room Break Room Executive Office Guest Presentation Room Guest Presentation showing work area

Klement’s Sausage Company

Klement’s had outgrown their dated and inefficient corporate office that they called home for years. The directive was to take a program that functioned in a two-story structure and unite them into a 12,100-square-foot office. Two primary zones needed to be addressed. One, being a public area open to clientele, and another a private space that would house the operational side. With the abundance of windows that the structure provided, the concept of uninterrupted natural light was vital in the layout of rooms.

Enclosed offices were positioned along the exterior walls and full glass entries were incorporated into the design so the natural light could spill into the interior.  Low-panel furniture systems maintain the path of light and views. The overall color palette consisted of muted tones to reinforce the refined feel. The only bold color that was used was a dark navy blue and was used modestly.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Completion Date: 2016