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With the prospect of many large projects, the goal of expanding the practice and advancing our future design direction, SLMaher Architecture Group and Madisen Architects merged to form Madisen Maher Architects.  Since founding the Milwaukee-based practice in February 2012, we’ve been focused on becoming a well-oiled architectural firm.  The “World Headquarters”, as Erik likes to refer to our office when clients arrive for a meeting, is located in the Timbers Building, part of the cream city brick Tannery Complex in Milwaukee’s historic Walker’s Point neighborhood, which reflects what we consider the modern detail of reclaimed architecture of Milwaukee. is our latest accomplishment, part of the process of becoming a well-known, and well-respected architectural firm.  Our websit was designed by Branberg, whose aim was creating a recognizable brand that supported our marketing campaign.  When investigating architectural websites, we found that many design firms forgot “form follows function,” creating extremely flashy, but hard-to-navigate sites.  Our goal was to create an online profile that is easy to navigate, and meets or exceeds the expectation of the user.  Most people reviewing architectural firm’s websites like to see images of their work.  We also created a site that is easily updated by our office team.  We hope you enjoy the site and learn a little about the firm.  Please call us at 414-277-8000 for more information.  Thank you for visiting!